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Top 5 Common Questions About Boost Oxygen

While our 95% Pure Oxygen product is very simple – people unfamiliar with supplemental Oxygen often have several common questions about our canisters. Simply put, Boost Oxygen is portable 95% Pure Oxygen in convenient and affordable canisters, no prescription needed. But we know people want to know more about our product. These are the Top 5 common questions about Boost Oxygen.

Common Questions

#5 – Is Boost Oxygen just canned air?

ANSWER: No, Boost Oxygen is not canned air. It is 95% Pure Oxygen. The air we breathe contains only around 21% Oxygen, a fact many people are surprised to learn. The majority is useless 78% Nitrogen. Every Boost Oxygen canister has over 4 times the amount of pure Oxygen you breathe in the air.

#4 – Is Boost Oxygen flammable?

ANSWER: No, Boost Oxygen is not flammable. Oxygen does not burn. It is not flammable, but it can feed an existing fire, so it’s dangerous to use any Oxygen tank around something that is burning because it will help the fire burn much more quickly. In other words, Oxygen isn’t the problem – it’s the existing fires.

#3- How do I use Boost Oxygen?

ANSWER: First, Remove the tamper-resistant plastic. Place the mask under your nose and over mouth. Press the trigger down to activate the oxygen flow and breath in through the mouth for 1-2 second inhalations.

How to use Boost Oxygen

#2 – Why are the Boost Oxygen canisters so lightweight?

ANSWER: The canisters may seem empty when you hold them, but rest assured they are very full of pure Oxygen. The weight of a full can feels empty because Oxygen is virtually a weightless gas. We’ve been asked why we don’t add weight to the canisters to make it seem heavy, but that would increase the cost of our product to the consumer and would also be disingenuous.

#1 Is Boost Oxygen the same as medical Oxygen?

ANSWER: No, Boost Oxygen is not the same as medical Oxygen. Our product is not a substitute for people who have been prescribed medical Oxygen for health reasons. Boost Oxygen is intended for non-medical use. Oxygen therapies that are prescribed by a doctor to treat medical conditions are defined as 99.2 percent (or above) pure oxygen. Boost Oxygen is 95% pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen. Although both are produced in a similar manner, Boost Oxygen is designed for people looking to experience the benefits of purified oxygen in the different facets of their life.