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A Josh Schneider le apasiona jugar al hockey a pesar de su ceguera

When you have a passion for anything in life, especially for playing a sport, you won’t let anything stop you from enjoying the benefits of participating in it – for the competition, the camaraderie, friendships, connections and absolute joy it brings into your life…this is why Josh Schneider continues to step onto the ice and participate in the game of hockey – despite blindness.

Josh Schneider

We are very proud to share his story and how he implements Boost Oxygen:

“I was oddly prepared for the wild turns my thirties put me through.

I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland and played roller hockey for four (4) years for the Terps.  Halfway through my Master’s Degree in Special Education, I began having to make accommodations for myself in daily life due to decreasing vision.  In April 2018, I retired after 13 years teaching and coaching.

While doing the dishes in September 2019, I heard the local news in the background, “A group of disabled people are finding joy in a sport they never thought they could play….”, my ears as a coach and a Special Educator perked up, “at New York Metro Blind Hockey…”.  I dropped the plate on the floor and flew to the television.”

Josh Schneider

“My original intent at 37 years old and weighing in at 235, was to be a coach.  If you’ve ever stepped off the ice, court, field, seat and come back after a decade, it does NOT take much.  Whether fortunate or not, my great comeback was put on hiatus by the pandemic.   Knowing I would need to keep up with teenagers for a whole weekend, I turned to science.  I am a Certified Hockey Training Specialist as well as a USA Hockey Level II Coach.”

Josh Schneider

“I researched and found Boost Oxygen and decided that I would challenge myself AND implement it. While 100% on board with the science, I was truly not sure if it would affect me…at least fifteen (15) bottles later, I use it before practices, games, and on the bench between periods.  It keeps my muscles oxygenated enough to keep up with kids less than half my age and I pick one up every time I’m at Pure Hockey, with the account to prove it. I’ve also now noticed it more recently at Hockey Monkey, too!

As co-host of The Dented Puck Podcast, and also co-founder of The Dented Puck Foundation, we hosted The Windy City Showdown in late July. The Windy City Showdown featured two levels of blind hockey with four (4) games at each level.  All eight (8) games were streamed on the Windy City Showdown’s YouTube Channel – check it out and subscribe to see how Boost keeps these hockey legs moving.”


Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us Josh!

We encourage you to also keep up with Josh Schneider on Instagram at @hockey_2_blind_2_blindhockey93 – he’s available for all inquiries about blind hockey, the foundation and his podcast! We also encourage you to follow:

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