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Historias vividas

Justin Scholl y el maratón de Boston
Written and submitted by Justin Scholl – Boston Marathon Finisher
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Los EPHMEN se mantienen conectados a través del Lacrosse y honran a Renzie
Submitted by F. Gordon ‘Gordo’ Pollock, Jr, a proud member of the EPHMEN: “Lacrosse is a physical and strenuous activity that one would think might...
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¡Los Renegados de Boston son campeones consecutivos!
We appreciate Amanda Alpert taking some time to share how and why the Boston Renegades discovered Boost (nice going Penny, #62!) and implemented it to...
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Cuando quieras agitar las cosas, llama a Shakey
He’s incredibly unique…we dare to say, there isn’t another one like him. He makes you smile, laugh and leaves an indelible impression – along with...
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Mike Lee eligió la vida en forma
Michael Lee has one of the most incredible transformation stories in the fitness industry; we are very proud to share it, and to be a...
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Nathan corre por la vida
When I first came up with the idea, I couldn’t decide if it was a strike of genius or insanity. Traveling around the United States...
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Los Bruno son un ejemplo de fortaleza familiar
Typically, we receive the story of Boost Oxygen’s implementation that is written by a customer who is sharing their story. Although that is true here...
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Los New Haven Raiders impulsan su rendimiento sobre hielo
Thanks for taking the time to share the inspiring story of the New Haven Raiders, Rick! “Hi, I’m Rick Ziegler, I run the New Haven...
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¿Es la carrera de obstáculos Spartan una metáfora de la vida?
We are very proud to share this written piece by Paul Lachance: As I grow older and the hair thins out, I spend more time...
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Cuando Judith vuelve de Oregón a Colorado, descubre los beneficios de Boost.
"So my brother and son went out and bought me some Boost Oxygen (two containers)  one natural and one scented, pink grapefruit.  I spent the...
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