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Supplemental Oxygen for Working From Home: Boost Oxygen Review

Working from home was still a novel idea before March of 2020. For some of us at Boost Oxygen, it was normal. However, for many other people adjusting to working from home with kids no longer in school was (and still is) a struggle. We were used to a routine, to dropping the kids off, to going into the office, to speaking with other adults face to face on a regular basis, to being able to work without distraction and then to coming home and jumping right back into that routine. The Sweet and Simple Life offered some excellent tips for working from home with kids.


Our favorite was the idea of using something to help you focus. Turns out supplemental oxygen in a can is perfect for that! Not only is it a physical reminder that you should take a quick break and then settle in to focus on whatever it is that you are doing, but it is safe, effective and all-natural.