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Boost Oxygen Canisters

Our canisters are made with aluminum, which means they are recyclable. They can be disposed of along with the normal cans you recycle everyday!

Why Boost Oxygen?

Our canisters are also hermetically sealed airtight for your safety to protect against any pollutants and bacteria, so you can feel safe about using our product when you purchase it. We are also an environmentally green product that uses 100% recyclable aluminum and completely safe food-grade masks. You can recycle our canisters with the normal cans and bottles that you recycle every day. Boost Oxygen is proudly made in the USA and filled at our own facility in Milford, CT- also - we derive most of our electricity through solar panels! During the production process, our canisters are vigorously tested every step of the way.


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Customer Feedback

Group 186
“These came in real handy when we went to Colorado last year. After setting up our camper my son started running all over the place…. well… he soon realized altitude sickness was a real thing. Thankfully we had these handy.”
Yoan Lopez
“Boost Oxygen is a huge help to get through tough as nails workouts. Boost has helped me reach my true potential as I continue to reach higher heights in the fitness industry.”
Mike Lee, Denver, CO
“Essential to recovery, I start boosting for about 30 minutes after a hard run. It works to deliver O2 to the muscles on long rides or tough climbs on the bike.”
Bryan, Charlotte, NC
“This was a lifesaver for my husband when he went on a high-altitude elk hunt in Colorado. On Chemo, he is short-winded and was suggested to get this…He was a believer then and told everyone how much it helped him, even on the drive back home. He will definitely be adding this to his list of necessities next year!”
Pat Nichols
“Great for when you’re at high elevation. If you’ve ever been at 10k+ ft. You know how winded you get from climbing stairs. Not all of us are acclimated to high altitude.”
Stephen Hines, Facebook
“I keep two bottles in my first-aid pack. I am a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member of Napa Valley. I first saw Boost when an older man was using it for shortness of breath after going on a hike; it worked fast.”
Tony V, Facebook
“We load up on Boost for every time our Mom comes to visit from Michigan. She always has it close-by, at home and up on the mountain!”
Trisha P, Vail, Colorado