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Christy Sports has been a long-time and valued member of our retailer family – they have had Boost Oxygen in all their locations since back in 2012. We are very proud that they have always exclusively chosen to give their ski, snowboard and hiking customers a Boost; their customers love it for the support of their outdoor adventures at all times of the year!

Be prepared and informed about the negative effects of altitude so they don’t ruin your good times – many people don’t even realize why they are feeling varying degrees of hypoxia (short-of-breath, nauseous, light-headed, dizzy, fatigued, lack of appetite) – severe high-altitude sickness requires medical attention, but mild symptoms can be helped by supplemental oxygen; click the image below to read the story from the Christy Sports’ Ridge Report:

Make a visit to Christy Sports when you are in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico or Washington; see their Store Locations

Christy Sports provides year-round expertise for outdoor activities. Adam Ondra is a Czech professional rock climber, specializing in lead climbing and bouldering. Described in 2013 as a prodigy and the leading climber of his generation, Ondra is the only male athlete to have won World Championship titles in both disciplines in the same year (Wikipedia).

Adam made a visit to Christy Sports to give himself a Boost. See the full video about the Bouldering World Cup in Vail as he makes his way toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Click or tap the image as we share this video from the YouTube Channel of Adam Ondra:


*Disclaimer: 95% Pure Boost Oxygen is for recreational purposes only, ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts, older adults, and people at high altitude or in poor air quality. No prescription is needed to purchase Boost Oxygen. As it is not medical-grade oxygen, not a drug, and not intended for the treatment of any medical condition or disease, it is neither regulated nor approved by the FDA and thus the Agency has not assessed any of the statements herein. Consult your physician if you have any medical conditions.