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What Is Boost Oxygen THINK TANK? A Healthy Nootropic!

Boost Oxygen THINK TANK is a revolutionary nootropic – the first all-natural, inhalable, cognitive support product based on science, history and common sense. What is a “nootropic”? Nootropics are drugs, supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals. However, THINK TANK is not a drug. It’s not a multi-vitamin and it’s not caffeine. THINK TANK is a combination of 95% pure oxygen and organic Rosemary aroma. It’s simply a fuel for your brain – a brain refresher.

THINK TANK is powered by Boost Oxygen. Boost Oxygen products are portable and convenient 95% pure oxygen canisters that are 100% recyclable. Did you know that the air you normally breathe contains ONLY 21% oxygen? Boost Oxygen products are lab tested and certified 95% pure oxygen.

Who uses THINK TANK and what are the benefits? Read all about it below!

Think Tank

The Benefits Of Rosemary Aromatherapy

Rosemary aroma has been independently studied and found to increase short term memory up to 75%. How? There are compounds in Rosemary oil that help with memory retention. This is nothing new – scholars in ancient Greece were known to wear wreaths of rosemary around their brow to improve recall while taking exams. Shakespeare’s ‘Ophelia’ petitions Hamlet with, “There’s Rosemary- that’s for remembrance, pray you love, remember.” Today, rosemary aroma is being increasingly researched and implemented with both the young and old, and its use as an all-natural, safe and drug-free cognitive support is becoming more accepted and widespread globally.

Here are some articles and research about the benefits of rosemary aromatherapy:

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- Das Schnuppern an Rosmarin kann das Gedächtnis um 75% verbessern

- Wissenschaftler entdeckten, dass ätherisches Rosmarinöl das Erinnerungsvermögen um bis zu 75 % steigert

Who Uses THINK THANK and what are the benefits?


THINK TANK is popular with many types of healthy people looking to enjoy the benefits of supplemental oxygen in their lifestyle.

Older Adults and Seniors – As we get older, our cognitive ability and mental sharpness can often decline. Exercise and a proper diet are very important to stay active – both physically AND mentally. THINK TANK is a portable and convenient wellness aid for the mind during your golden years. It helps clear the cobwebs to help you wake up faster in the morning, provides a quick boost of pure oxygen for energy if you get winded and also helps maintain mental acuity and focus during your daily activities.

Business Professionals – It’s also ideal for any busy professional who needs to stay focused when multitasking. As our work schedules become more hectic with nonstop meetings, projects and calls (and not to mention juggling family life and personal time), it can all seem very overwhelming at times. Even the most organized business professional needs help from time to time. That’s why THINK TANK makes perfect sense for focus and energy during the workday to help stay on track.

Students – THINK TANK is perfect for students, who need memory and focus throughout the school semester. It’s a portable must-have for any dorm room and great as a study aid for a quick boost of energy to stay focused when cramming long hours for an exam.

Athletes – Nootropics like THINK TANK are also used by athletes to keep them at the top of their game. It helps support a calm mindset during competition, strategic thinking and clear memory that powers competitors across all sports.

 In addition, we’ve received positive feedback from musicians, writers, artists and gamers that have all expressed how THINK TANK has helped fuel their creativity.

Breathe smarter – learn more about THINK TANK at and watch the videos below: