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Shared by Kellie Haddock:

"Ich liebe Boost und bin so glücklich, alles zu tun, was ich kann, um euch anzufeuern und euch zum Erfolg zu verhelfen. Ihr habt ein so wichtiges Produkt, das wirklich hilft! Ich benutze es nun schon seit 3 Jahren regelmäßig und bin der Beweis für seine Vorteile. Ich könnte noch viel mehr über Boost Oxygen erzählen - es hat mir geholfen, Kopfschmerzen loszuwerden und meinen Fokus und meine Energie zu verbessern, während ich lange/späte Nächte an meiner Musik arbeite.


I think it has enhanced my ability to be an artist by giving me more energy and stamina as I dig deep to give my best in every moment. In the studio, recording my new record Wild Love at altitude in Colorado BOOST helped me hit all the high notes and sing the long phrases with enough energy and breath support to match the great beats and highly emotive groove of the music. Breath support is essential in singing excellently. When I made my first trip to Colorado to make the demos of the songs, I was really struggling to sing my best, I was so out of breath which is a huge distraction and hindrance to sounding amazing! So when my producer suggested I find a way to bring oxygen in the studio I had no idea where to begin. Do I call the doctor? How can I travel on a plane with it? A little research led me to the Boost webpage where I promptly hit the ‘buy’ button! I’ve been a believer ever since! Having recorded vocals both with and without Boost at altitude I can attest to the very big difference Boost o2 made for me in the studio! I couldn’t recommend this product enough to anyone who sings!


Also, our son Eli has special needs from a traumatic brain injury do to a tragic car accident when he was a baby. As our family headed to the Grand Canyon (which is at altitude) on vacation Boost was my most essential item on our packing list. We had tried to visit the Grand Canyon with him a few years prior and he could barely walk/breathe. He fell asleep on the lunch table because he had zero energy at altitude. We were nervous to try again, but had hope that this time, with BOOST in hand, he would be able manage. And we were right! Boost made such a difference for him! He had the time of his life – running and playing with his siblings, he participated in all the Jr. Park Ranger classes and enjoyed getting his badges, something that before would have been impossible – Boost helped make possible (plus he thought it was really fun to blast it in his mouth)

Boost Oxygen hat unserer Familie Erinnerungen beschert, die wir ein Leben lang schätzen werden.


Sowohl als Künstlerin als auch als Elternteil eines Kindes mit besonderen Bedürfnissen hat unser Boost Wunder in unserem Leben bewirkt und so viele Vorteile gebracht! Ich hoffe, dass dies Sie alle ermutigt und Ihnen einen "Schub" gibt - um die gute Arbeit, die Sie tun, fortzusetzen. Es macht wirklich einen Unterschied und hat uns die Welt bedeutet!!!"

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