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Exclusive interview with Spartan racer and Boost ambassador Paul Lachance

2021 is the year of #SpartanPaul8at80 for Paul Lachance. Paul Lachance is a husband, father, best friend, cancer survivor and a Spartan athlete who is turning 80 years old this summer! To celebrate, he keeps walking past the rocking chair to prepare and participate in Spartan Race events across the country; this year he’s doing eight (8) Spartan Trifectas. He implements Boost Oxygen to support his performance and recovery…we are very proud to support him. Watch this exclusive interview Paul recently did with TV8 Summit in Colorado:

 Also watch this amazing video from Spartan racing honoring Paul – 100 Races at 80 years old: Stories from the Spartan Honor Series. Paul is a longtime friend and ambassador for Boost Oxygen!