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Information und Forschung

Video: Die Vorteile von Boost-Sauerstoff für Langstreckenfahrten
Long distance driving is a way of life for many. Whether taking a vacation, visiting family in another state or working as a truck driver,...
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Boost-Sauerstoff: Tragbarer Zusatzsauerstoff für Outdoor-Aktivitäten
What does Boost Oxygen do for you? Warm weather has finally arrived and with quarantine restrictions being eased across the United States, millions of Americans are...
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Was ist zusätzlicher Sauerstoff?
Supplemental Oxygen can improve the quality of life for healthy people and those that require oxygen for medical issues. There are several devices that can...
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Ist zusätzlicher Sauerstoff sicher zu verwenden?
Facts On Supplemental Oxygen Safety And Side Effects Is supplemental oxygen safe to use? Are there any side effects? If used as directed, it is...
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Warum sind Boost-Sauerstoffdosen so leicht?
Why are Boost Oxygen cans so lightweight? When customers pick up our Boost Oxygen canisters, they sometimes mistakenly think that the bottles are empty. However,...
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Zusätzlicher Sauerstoff für kaltes Wetter, Outdoor-Abenteuer und Raumluftqualität
Supplemental Oxygen For Cold Weather, Outdoor Adventures and Indoor Air Quality As the weather turns cold and winter sets in, millions of people across the...
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