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All-Natural Respiratory Relief for Moms

You might be thinking, “What does Boost Oxygen have to do with Mother’s Day?” Well that all depends on your mom, but as far as Mother’s Day gifts go Boost Oxygen makes a ton of sense. The guys at NBC 13 New York might not know exactly what to do with it, but we are here to make sure you and your mom can make the most out of it. 


So why would you want to give your mom some Boost Oxygen this year? You might be familiar with our all-natural respiratory support when it comes to altitude, but there are plenty of other uses for oxygen to go besides battling hypoxia. Since moms are pretty much always exhausting themselves on a daily basis – especially mothers of little ones – we decided to offer our top 5 Boost Oxygen uses for moms.


  • Morning Energy

Didn’t get all of the sleep you were hoping for last night? Up late finishing chores or work or just trying to find a minute of alone time? A few inhales of Boost Oxygen in the morning is one of our favorite ways to start the day. With or without coffee, all-natural respiratory support is just the increase in oxygen levels that help us wake up a little faster.


  • Afternoon Pick-me-up

That after lunch feeling can be nearly impossible to shake sometimes. It’s usually when we reach for a cup of coffee, but like using supplemental oxygen in the morning to help us wake up, we love reaching for a can of oxygen to help us perk back up in order to finish our work day strong. 


  • A Quick Break

Kids can be relentless. Sometimes even a 5 minute break seems impossible. You can always stash a can of oxygen somewhere where the kids can’t get to you and have a quick oxygen break. Not only with supplemental oxygen help your mood and boost your energy level, but it’s a really healthy way to replace a cigarette break if you are trying to quit. 


  • For Workouts

It’s important for moms especially to get some self-care. For lots of people burning some calories not only helps release endorphins, but it gives them some important time alone. In order to get the most out of your workout, stash some all-natural respiratory support in your gym bag.


  • To Calm Everyone Down

For a moment of calm in the midst of chaos, we recommend Boost Oxygen. Use it for yourself to help you remember to take a deep breath sometimes, use it for your kids to help them remember to take a deep breath sometimes, or use it whenever you want! All-natural respiratory support might just become your new favorite supplement.