It went viral when the architectural renderings were first released, paired with headlines proclaiming the world’s first craft beer hotel would boast not only bottle fridges in the showers, but an IPA hot tub. Now the Brewdog Dog House Hotel is actually on track to open this summer, according to the company launching the Columbus, Ohio venture.

Some of the luxurious amenities include beer-centric spa treatments resplendent with hop oils and malted barley body scrubs. The hotel promises taps in every room in addition to restaurant offerings that include “craft beer infused breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with beers paired to every course.”

If that sounds appealing, you might not be surprised to hear that crowdfunding for the hotel far exceeded expectations. In fact, Brewdog got three times the investment they hoped for, to the tune of almost $325,000. “We smashed our funding goal to smithereens,” Brewdog wrote on their Indigogo page, “over 430% of our original target!”

With the extra funding, Brewdog was able to tack on some extra exciting features beyond the original plans for a brewery, sour facility, and hotel including “a rooftop residents’ bar at The DogHouse, serving a selection of the amazing sour beers brewed right next door!”

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So why Columbus, Ohio? This up-and-coming midwestern city is developing a serious craft beer reputation, which is why Brewdog, a Scottish company, chose it for their first American outpost. Columbus has almost 40 breweries, most of which have opened just in the past five years. The town has its own brewery district, but craft breweries are popping up in neighborhoods throughout Cbus, as the locals affectionately call it.

Brewdog joined the likes of local establishments including Seventh Son Brewery (home to a cat named Assistant Manager), Hoof Hearted Brewery (say that name real fast after a few beers and you’ll get the joke), Wolf’s Ridge (a hometown fave), and Land Grant (an anchor of an arts scene about to explode).

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Brewdog founder James Watt explained to the Columbus Navigator why he felt such an affinity for the midwestern brew berg. “The people of Columbus have been awesome in terms of welcoming us into the community – we honestly feel like it’s our U.S. home,” explained Watt. “It’s an insanely exciting and burgeoning scene and one we’re super proud to be a part of. We see many, many collaborations on the cards!”

So next time you are hiking near Cuyahoga or camping at Buck Creek State Park or Tar Hollow, don’t forget to treat yourself to a little luxury after roughing it. Or if you’re planning to send some routes in Scotland next year, you could stay at the Doghouse’s sister property in Ellon. A stay in the worlds’ first beer hotels might not help you recover quite as fast as Boost Oxygen, but the effects will last far longer.