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“My name is CJ DeMarco. My fitness journey started when I was 14. I always loved to work out and play sports. I grew up playing baseball and other sports. But at age 16 or 17, I saw my first bodybuilding magazine at my Dad’s work. It was Ronnie Coleman on the cover as the KING.”

Boost Oxygen Bodybuilding

“I was just amazed that someone could look like the hulk in real life. From that point on I fell in love with bodybuilding and the sport. I dedicated myself to becoming the best I could be.”

“I quickly realized I didn’t have the best genetics for bodybuilding but I knew one thing for certain, that I would give 110% and never give up. I also learned pretty quickly how bodybuilding can mentally put you down; and keep you down. It’s a 24/7 job and you have to push through the hard times. I knew if I could get through the tough points, I could get through anything. Now, I have always been a very disciplined person, but bodybuilding really made my discipline come out. What people don’t know or realize is that people in the sport sacrifice a lot. Our sacrifices include family time, weddings and hanging with friends. We decide to put bodybuilding first because we have a goal – and to get to that goal you have to have a championship mindset. While focused on becoming a champion, you don’t care what anyone thinks – they can like you, not like you or hate you – it doesn’t matter. To succeed you need to cut out the distractions of life.”

“The bodybuilders I have always looked up to, and still do to this day, are Branch Warren and Jay Cutler (featured in this article)…these are the main two for watching how they went about their business. I learned what it means to do whatever it takes to become a champion. You have to go to that ‘dark place’ to wanna torture yourself for 1% body fat.”

“I have met so many people in the fitness industry and have integrated products from some great companies; including Boost Oxygen and AlphaBolix (@alphabolixofficial on Instagram). These companies have seen my hard work and dedication and and reached out to support my bodybuilding. I found Boost about 3 years ago. I saw it was used for climbing at high elevation and I wanted to try it out for training during hard workouts; it worked. I use it in-between sets to recover faster so I’m ready to go for the next set. I also use it for  supporting recovery with blood flow. The purified oxygen has a great blood flow affect to help pump blood and oxygen into the muscle. I have been using Boost for a while now and it has made my workouts go past the next level!”

Boost Oxygen Bodybuilding
Several months ago when COVID-19 closed all gyms nationwide, CJ created a gym in his basement with the essential structures necessary to continue his workouts.

“What I have learned in this sport is hard work does pay off but also you have to learn to put that hard work and discipline into other ventures to better your success outside of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding will not pay your bills, it’s a very expensive sport and hobby. You have to get a career that allows you to have bodybuilding in your life. I have been in the fitness/bodybuilding world for 11 years now and I have stepped away from the competitive world of bodybuilding in order to be focused on careers and other business ventures. I have dedicated many years into competitive bodybuilding and I’ll always love the sport, but it just doesn’t pay well as a career. Although I am transitioning, I am very thankful I got into bodybuilding; just for the love of it. It was my dream to become a pro when I started but that just wasn’t in the cards for me. I’ll always be in the fitness industry, support the sport and be a fan. I will miss that competitive itch but it was time to move on.”

Boost Oxygen Bodybuilding

CJ and Lauren – together they are UNSTOPPABLE!

We admire CJ for his dedication and his passion for bodybuilding – which is clearly how he also chooses to live the rest of his life, too. We’re glad we spotted him implementing Boost and it makes us very proud to know that it helped to support his performance. Follow his future endeavors on his Instagram: @manofsteel_cd

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