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Experiential Stories

The New England Warriors Are Veterans and Heroes
The New England Warriors are a chapter of the USA Warriors based out of Washington DC; here is their shared story from Team Manager Nichole...
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Patrick Lives With Fear, He Creates It and Pursues It…Making Him Stronger
Here’s the short story of Patrick J. Sweeney II: Father, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Angel Investor, and Red Sox Fan:   As he crossed the finish line,...
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Jim Fuels With Boost For Strongman Competitions
Jim Pierce competes in Strongman competitions…we connected with him through comments on our Facebook page and asked him to share his story: “On June 8,...
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Don’t Let ‘Altitude’ Ruin Your Rocky Mountain Experience – Christy Sports’ Ridge Report
Christy Sports has been a long-time and valued member of our retailer family – they have had Boost Oxygen in all their locations since back...
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Johan Is An Inspirational Warrior While Battling Multiple Sclerosis
From the Netherlands, Johan has shared his inspiring story of internal strength, drive and determination after being informed that he has Multiple Sclerosis; we are...
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Nikki is an Iron Belle and Trusts Boost!
“Hey! My name is Nikki Henry and in addition to being a lifelong athlete I survived blood clots in both lungs and a partially dead...
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The Moustache Classic Brings Hockey Beer Leaguers Together For Movember
“It’s not every day you concoct a plan to convince 30 people to grow a moustache.  But like many great ideas, our inspiration to create...
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All Around the World, Samanta Embodies What It Means To BE a Spartan
Once again, we have come to know an inspiring and amazing individual who is implementing Boost! Samanta posted and tagged us on her Instagram @spartanxica...
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A Mom’s Story: Sickle Cell Trait and Her Youth Athlete Son
"My son has used this for four football games now and it’s AMAZING!!! He doesn’t get tired, he doesn’t cramp up, his coaches and teammates...
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Veteran Frank Paradise’s Passion for Outdoor Adventure and Photography Supports Fellow Veterans
“I am Frank P. Paradise III. I was injured while serving in the US Army overseas in 2010. I broke my 4 lower vertebrae (L3-S1)...
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