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Hunting is a primal way to connect with nature in the autumn season. Whether you’re scouting for the next spot to set up your tree stand, or calling in elk in the early hours of the morning, hunting always requires patience, determination, and energy. Here’s how Boost Oxygen can come in handy when you’re our on the hunt:

Fight Fatigue in the Field

Often, hunting requires an early morning wake-up time; before sunrise many hunters will be out in the woods waiting to begin their expeditions. Add camping to the mix, or a long hike into your area, and hunting can turn into an exhausting experience. A little bit of air can help. Even though Boost Oxygen boasts no caffeine, oxygen alone tackles tiredness. Fatigue can be a sign of oxygen depletion, so add one of Boost’s lightweight cans to your pack in order to stay alert while you search for big game.

Ease the Adjustment to High Elevation

Hunters from all over the country will make the trek to the Rocky Mountain West region to have their chance at elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, or more. Many of these places including: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado require hunting at a high elevation. High altitude reduces oxygen levels in the body, and as a result it can make you physically and mentally exhausted much quicker if your body has not adjusted. Boost Oxygen can help you regain your energy and focus to continue hunting the Rocky Mountain region for a longer period.

No Need to Sacrifice Time Outside

With a can of oxygen packed away, you’ll be able to stay out longer to scout, stalk, call-in or marvel at big game. Hunting is something that takes a lot of time, so don’t let fatigue or high elevation shorten your expedition.