We’re always interested to find new places that take our breath alway. Because we make products to help give your breath back, the breath-taking parts of life get extra attention from us.

One new breathtaking experience we recently encountered is kayaking miles of fjords off the coast of Norway is that next breathtaking landscape.

For those that aren’t familiar, a fjord is a long, narrow, deep strip of sea between two high cliffs. Fjords are found in Iceland and Norway and were formed when glaciers receded, carving a U-shaped valley.

As you paddle your way down these inlets and look up to see what a glacier carved out, your breath will certainly be taken away as well.

There’s no shortage of incredible imagery from Norway’s fjords, but Instagrammer tfbergen has perhaps the most compelling collection out there.

The next time you’re reviewing your bucket list, you might want to think about looking up a boat rental service in Norway and hopping on a plane!