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“My name is Brandon and I am from Minnesota. I work in a career field that requires me to stay active and physically fit in order to do my job effectively. Part of the way I do this is by not only staying active in the gym but also getting outdoors and hiking! I am currently working towards summiting the highest natural point of all 50 states in America. Each state has its highest natural point. Some much higher than others, of course. The states range from 20,310′ above sea level (Mt. Denali – Alaska) all the way down to just 345′ above sea level (Britton Hill – Florida).  At the time of this being written I have made it to the top of sixteen (16) states.” 



“My most recent trip was to Colorado. I set out to climb the highest mountain in Colorado: Mt. Elbert at an elevation of 14,433′ above sea level. It is the 3rd tallest mountain in the U.S. right below Mt. Whitney in California and Mt. Denali in Alaska. Coming from a home state with a lower elevation I knew altitude sickness was a real possibility when hiking Mt. Elbert. I did some research online and came across Boost Oxygen.”


“I bought two 10-liter bottles and decided to test them out on Mt. Elbert. It ended up being one of the best decisions I made in terms of preparation for the hike. They weigh close to nothing, which is always nice when hiking. Everyone reacts differently to altitude and for me I usually start to notice the effects at 12,000′ and above. I know me and everyone in my group was happy to reach into our packs and get much needed oxygen when we were pushing for the summit. It helped tremendously and we always felt refreshed and recharged after each use. We ended up making it to the summit and the views at the top of the Rocky Mountains were something we will never forget.”

“My next highpoint I set out for is Mt. Whitney, which is the highest point in California and also the tallest mountain in the Continental 48. I will definitely have Boost Oxygen in my pack and I know I can count on it to help me out when I need it the most. If you would like to follow along on my journey to the summit of all 50 states you can follow me on Instagram at @bk_photozz. Photography is also a hobby of mine and I have many photos from around the U.S of places you have to see!”

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“I have a second Instagram as well called @usa_highpointers that features peoples photos who are also climbing the highest point of all 50 states! Feel free to give a follow, send in your photos and tag us in your posts! C-ya on the trail!”

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