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Boost Oxygen Shipping Costs Explained

Boost Oxygen offers FREE SHIPPING on all online orders $50 and over at our website store.

We also want to take this opportunity to explain shipping costs to our loyal customers. We regularly receive calls and emails asking about our shipping rates and delivery times.

Unfortunately, in today’s world where you can get nearly immediate delivery form Amazon, some people wonder why their Boost Oxygen shipment can sometimes take several days for delivery.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Due to transportation laws, oxygen can only be shipped by ground services. Oxygen cannot be delivered by air services (which are often much quicker).
  • Boost Oxygen worked closely with the Department of Transportation to obtain the Special Permit 10704 that allows certain handling and packaging restrictions to be waived, as long as Boost Oxygen strictly adheres to terms of how the product is manufactured, packaged and shipped so it is safe. Safety is our top priority and consumer confidence that Boost Oxygen follows the rules are of utmost importance.

We are constantly working with our ground service provider to improve their required shipping fees. We understand that many of our loyal customers are older and have budgetary concerns, so rest assured anytime we can defer or lower costs, we will do it for a better customer experience.

We are also making constant improvements to our delivery notification process for customers. We send notification emails when your order is processed and shipped (along with a tracking number) as well as notification when your order has arrived (which also includes information about how to use Boost Oxygen).

We also like to remind our customers that Boost Oxygen is available at retailers nationwide if you want immediate access to our product without shipping fees or waiting on delivery. Boost is carried at retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods and more. To find a store near you that carries Boost, enter your zip code at our store locator. Note: We recommend calling ahead to make sure that store has Boost Oxygen in stock!

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