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Boost Oxygen Donates $5,000 To Connecticut Food Bank

Back in April (or in COVID-19 times, Second March), when schools were shut down and families were struggling, Boost Oxygen CEO, Rob Neuner, decided to donate $5,000 to the Connecticut Food Bank. It was a generous move that surprised exactly no one. Rob and Boost Oxygen have long operated under the slogan of “Help is Here!” and for Rob especially it is not just a marketable phrase to put on a can.


Rob’s generosity is reflected in the partnerships that Boost Oxygen participates in, the volunteer hours that employees participate in and simple, every day gestures like giving a fellow hiker a can of Boost Oxygen on their way up a mountain. Rob’s been known to carry a Pocket Size or two with him when he is out skiing just in case he sees someone who could use a little help.