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Boost Oxygen Review by Tailgating Challenge

Check out this review by the folks at Tailgating Challenge, who use Boost Oxygen for all-natural respiratory support while climbing and hiking in Colorado. Tailgating Challenge was formed in 2012 and has since grown into the largest tailgating specific page in the world, featuring entertaining daily content and giveaways. You can follow Tailgating Challenge on FacebookInstagram and Twitter or visit their website at

Read the full review here or click this link to visit their website:

From the review: “Overall, I’m a fan of Boost Oxygen. I like the flavored ones better than the Natural, but they all achieve the same goal. Pink Grapefruit is my favorite. It was like we had an oxygen bar on top of the mountain, how cool is that. In addition to the oxygen tasting good I believe it did help with catching our breath faster. Some hikers mentioned twice as fast as normal.

You can take a big inhalation, or slowly pull the trigger for a slower release. When you pull the trigger make sure you take a deep breath and hold it in for a minute.

Did we mention that oxygen weighs next to nothing, so even having numerous bottles of this in my pack for testing was adding next to no weight to my pack. I’m a fan of Boost Oxygen. I have and will again hike without having Oxygen in my pack, but when doing some of the higher elevations, or when the air quality is poor (such as it has been with the largest forest fires in Colorado history) I’ll pack a Boost Oxygen to make the trip that much more enjoyable.”