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Back to School Review: THINK TANK Nootropic

There are tons of gifts for graduates, some of them are useful, some not so much. Luckily, all-natural respiratory support is a fantastic gift that any college freshman can use for literally hundreds of reasons. News4 San Antonio recommended Boost Oxygen as a unique gift for graduates, mostly because supplemental oxygen can help a new college student acclimate to altitude (and maybe even college life). 


Since the review, we’ve released THINK TANK. THINK TANK is a completely safe, all-natural nootropic. It’s the same 95% pure supplemental oxygen in a can as our other Boost Oxygen products, but we’ve harnessed the aromatherapy of Rosemary to help with mental alertness, focus and memory retention. While we would never stop someone from getting Boost Oxygen for their grad, we would suggest that THINK TANK makes an arguably better gift. 


Even if your new grad isn’t headed to altitude,THINK TANK can help them when they are studying to give them the mental endurance they might need for long days and nights of studying. The Rosemary aroma will also help them retain the information that they are studying while the portable canned oxygen will help keep their energy levels up at a cellular level. And all of these benefits occur without harmful or habit forming stimulants. 


*Disclaimer: 95% Pure Boost Oxygen is for recreational purposes only, ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts, older adults, and people at high altitude or in poor air quality. No prescription is needed to purchase Boost Oxygen. As it is not medical-grade oxygen, not a drug, and not intended for the treatment of any medical condition or disease, it is neither regulated nor approved by the FDA and thus the Agency has not assessed any of the statements herein. Consult your physician if you have any medical conditions.