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All-Natural Respiratory Support for Fitness: Boost Oxygen Review

Fitness is a big market for Boost Oxygen and when you dive into the medical studies, it is no wonder why. News 4 Jax recently featured our all-natural respiratory support in its roundup of fitness products. We get a lot of positive feedback from our fitness customers for a few reasons.


Supplemental Oxygen Aids Aerobic Activity

Your cells need oxygen to function, when they don’t get oxygen, they produce lactic acid. Lactic acid is what makes your muscles sore after a workout. When you introduce 95% pure oxygen into your system during a workout, you introduce more oxygen into your bloodstream and give your cells a more oxygen rich environment in which to function. This means you can workout longer without getting sore.


All-Natural Respiratory Support Increases Energy Levels

See above regarding cellular respiration, but on a smaller scale, your mitochondria – the cell’s power plant – require oxygen to produce ATP, the primary energy provider in every cellular organism. While stimulants and caffeine might spike your energy for a while, supplemental oxygen delivers energy at a cellular level that doesn’t spike, but helps your cells safely, naturally and without a crash.