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The Perfect Can Of Oxygen For Mom

There are millions of good reasons to get your mother a gift for Mother’s Day, but – and we might be partial here – Boost Oxygen is hands down the best gift you can get your mom. Not only does it last longer than flowers, but she can take Boost Oxygen with her wherever she goes. Whether she is dragging you to practice, or dragging you out of bed, or dragging you up a mountain, or dragging you out of bed at the top of a mountain, your mom can bring Boost Oxygen with her!


The folks at NBC 13 New York have included us on the list of Mother’s Day Gifts that they recommend. 


We also recommend ourselves as a gift for your mom (or dad, or anyone – we make a great gift). Turns out that we offer our all-natural respiratory support in three different sizes so we can go with mom in her purse, in the car and in her gym bag. 


Our Pocket Size is perfect for your mom to drop into her purse. It holds about 50 1-second inhalations and is perfect for a couple weeks worth of afternoon energy boosts. Supplemental oxygen is great for energy and doesn’t have the side effects or come-down of caffeine or sugary energy drinks.


Our Medium Size is perfect for the car. It’s small enough to fit in a couple holder, the center console, or glove box, but it offers about 100 1-second inhalations. Whether she is sitting in traffic or just needs a reason to take a deep breath, she can have oxygen to go. 


Our Large Size is great to take to the gym. It’s about the size of a water bottle, contains about 200 1-second inhalations and is the choice of pro-athletes and trainers. We highly recommend the Large Size if you mom is a swimmer and you can see our video on why right here.