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Everyday Uses for Boost Oxygen: KCL Review

This might be one of our favorite reviews of Boost Oxygen. Not only is it lighthearted and fun, but it gives us the chance to talk about some of the misinformation that circulates about canned oxygen and all-natural respiratory support. Kelly and Crystal from Kansas City Live have a lot of fun on the set and their segment with Boost Oxygen and THINK TANK reflects that. It’s always a blast to see the way folks first react to supplemental oxygen, especially when that first experience is one of our aromas. Unfortunately, they include a few misconceptions about portable, canned oxygen and our aromas.

Fortunately, we can easily clear these up!

THINK TANK is a nootropic product from Boost Oxygen. While it is fundamentally similar to our other line of products and aromas, it is specifically marketed as a nootropic supplement that is all-natural and without any harmful side-effects. It offers a lot of the same effects of nootropics and stimulants like alertness, increased focus, increased memory retention, increased energy and longer attention span, but without the harsh come-down of something like caffeine or energy drinks.

The air we breathe is – at sea level – about 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen and fractions of a percent of other gases. Boost Oxygen all-natural respiratory support is 95% pure oxygen. It’s also the reason we can sell it to you without a prescription. It is pressurized and compressed into the can and that is why we are able to fit 10, 5 and 2 liters of Oxygen into portable cans.