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THINK TANK Nootropic for Father’s Day

THINK TANK might be the perfect Father’s Day gift for the simple reason that it makes every single thing your dad does a bit more enjoyable. Chip Chick mentions workout recovery, but the Rosemary aroma is an important aspect that is left out of this review. 


The organic Rosemary in THINK TANK nootropic has been used since the Greek classical thinkers (and probably before then) to help with focus, memory retention and mental clarity. The oxygen helps dads maintain their energy levels no matter what they are doing, too.


Lets take a look at some stereotypical dad activities and how THINK TANK nootropic can help without harmful stimulants.



If your dad golfs, then he should absolutely have a can of THINK TANK with him. The mental focus and attention that are required by golf are incredibly hard to maintain, but implementing THINK TANK before a tee shot or important putt can help aid that focus. It’s also a long walk and often in the hot sun and THINK TANK’s oxygen can help keep your dad’s energy levels consistent without him needing caffeine or other stimulants. 



From the outside, fishing can look like a boring sport, but it is definitely not. It’s another sport that takes focus and patience and depending on the size of the fish (it’s always a big fish) plenty of energy to reel it in. THINK TANK is perfect for any type of fishing your dad loves from fly fishing to casting to deep sea fishing.