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Review by YouTube Channel CanadianPrepper: “Put This Item In Your Survival Kit”

When people discover Boost Oxygen for the first time, they usually have several questions about using it and the benefits of pure supplemental oxygen. Although Boost Oxygen is not a medical product and not intended to treat or cure any illness, many people enjoy the respiratory benefits that Boost Oxygen provides. We also try to share as many informative videos as possible to help educate about the benefits of supplemental oxygen.

We wanted to share this comprehensive and thoughtful review of Boost Oxygen by YouTube channel “CanadianPrepper” – the video goes into great detail about who uses Boost, why they use it and the benefits of supplemental oxygen. According to his info: “The purpose of this channel is to help more people get prepared for emergency situations. Innovative Gear reviews, self-defense and all things preparedness from a Canadian perspective.” CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE or click the video below: