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Boost Oxygen Now Available In-Store at Bass Pro Shops

We are very proud to announce that all three (3) sizes of Boost Oxygen are now available in the camping section of eighty-two (82) Bass Pro Shops stores nationwide; including the 10-liter CAMO label!

Boost Oxygen at Bass Pro Shops

Previously only available at, give yourself a Boost while in-store at Bass Pro locations in thirty-eight (38) states across the country. If it isn’t in your favorite store, just ask for it! Boost Oxygen is an all-natural respiratory product that supports the spirit of outdoor adventures.

For hunters, our 95% pure, supplemental oxygen, supports energy and endurance while getting to your hunting spot, tracking your prize and especially while bringing it out. Feeling out of breath? Don’t stop, give yourself a Boost.

While hiking and trekking – maybe to your favorite camping or fishing spot – our lightweight and portable bottles can be along to support your journey; especially during times of ‘poor air quality conditions’ that include heat, humidity, pollen, ozone, altitude and smoke.

Finf boost at a store near you