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Athletic Training Month Interview: Jeffrey Lambert-Shemo

March is Athletic Training Month and we are very proud to spotlight talented and passionate Certified Athletic Trainers who dedicate themselves to the performance of their athletes. They also understand the benefits of integrating Boost Oxygen into their protocols.

We thank Athletic Trainer Jeffrey Lambert-Shemo and appreciate him taking the time to share his personal feedback about being an Athletic Trainer. Jeff implemented Boost during his time with the Arena Football League’s Cleveland Gladiators. He’s currently the Athletic Therapy Lead at NovaCare Rehabilitation in Ohio.


When did you decide to become an Athletic Trainer?

During my first year as a College Lacrosse Player the Certified Athletic Trainers held me together with rehab and tape so that I could play the entire season.  I was a brute on the field, which means I was always beat up, so I spent every morning before class rehabbing my shoulders and my hip.  I learned how important they were to my success and my ability to stay on the field and I wanted to be that person for others.  By Sophomore year I redirected and began my education on the Athletic Training track!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

For years the most rewarding part of my job was helping players stay on the field and getting them back on the field so that they could be successful.  Until recently, the majority of my career was in very high-level athletics.  I have recently transitioned to leading an Athletic Training and Physical Therapy Clinic.  Now I focus on supporting patients with maximizing their daily lives and recreational goals, whether it means grocery shopping unassisted or performing their best during an Ultramarathon, Athletic Competition, or working out at the local gym!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I have high expectations of patient outcomes and want to maximize their recovery in every aspect.  My challenge is in being very deliberate in what I prescribe for Self-Care and being certain that my patients can fit their recovery into their schedules and lifestyle so that they can continually move in a positive direction.

Describe the most amazing experience that affirmed your decision that “I am doing what I love to do”.

In 1997 I was on the in-field at the Penn Relays working with one of my long-jumpers.  She was injured and was in tears and felt small on the field.  I comforted her, helped her, and got her back on the runway for her third jump.  Since then, I have had more moments than I can count that have affirmed my decision of becoming and Athletic Trainer, but those moments have morphed over 20+ years.  Where I used to focus on maximizing Athletic Performance as success, I now focus on walking without pain and activities of daily living as success!

On the use of Boost Oxygen, Jeffrey says: “Boost Oxygen’s innovative and creative solution to oxygen supplementation allowed me to deliver oxygen to my players during both home and away games conveniently, effectively and economically. It helped me keep my players confident, Comfortable and performing at their best. Boost is definitely a game-changer for my team.”


Jeff’s bio:

Jeff Lambert-Shemo is a Certified Athletic Trainer and the Sports Medicine Director for NovaCare Rehabilitation in Northern Ohio.  Jeff has been with NovaCare for 8 years and received his B.A. in Athletic Training from the College of Wooster in 1997. Jeff is currently treating patients in a NovaCare Rehabilitation Center of Innovation Clinic in Lakewood, Ohio focusing on injury recovery and Physical Performance through maximizing mobility and muscular function utilizing industry leading technology to analyze biomechanics.  Prior to this clinical position Jeff served as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Cleveland Gladiators Arena Football Team for 5 seasons and has been the Sports Medicine Director since 2015.  He is also on the Select Medical National committees for Concussion Management, Sports Medicine, Sports Performance, and is a member of the Clinic Advisory Group for Innovation for the Select Medical Outpatient Division. He came to NovaCare following 14 years of experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Athletic Trainer in various High School, Collegiate, Club and Professional Sports including hockey, baseball, volleyball, football, soccer and lacrosse.  Jeff has extensive experience treating athletic injuries and training athletes of all levels in speed, strength, agility, power and injury prevention.  He is also a certified Pilates Instructor, POSE Method running coach and CrossFit Level 1 Instructor.