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“My name is Erica, and the two easiest ways to describe myself here is that I am an avid runner and a Registered Nurse; both of these matter for when and why I have Boost Oxygen with me.”

Erica, left, at the Orlando COVID-19 testing site, with Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings (right)

“I live in South Carolina, but as a traveling nurse, I recently completed a stretch of time at a COVID-19 testing site in Orlando, Florida. I had bottles of Boost Oxygen with me to help combat the effects of extended use of a N95 surgical mask along with plastic face shield, gloves and plastic surgical gown as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our job required us to wear PPE for two hour rotations in the temperatures that soared above ninety five degrees.”

Having been registered for the Pat Tillman Run on April 25, 2020 in Charleston, SC, Erica instead ran in honor of Pat on April 18th in Florida; 4.2 miles, with some members of the Florida National Guard who were also assisting at the COVID-19 testing site.

“The extended use of PPE can have a negative effect on those wearing them. Nurses were reporting headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness. Signs of these conditions were excessive sweating, flushing of face, vomiting, increased thirst, as well as neck and head pain. We were fortunate to have an unlimited water supply for rehydration. I shared unopened bottles of Boost with several colleagues to combat the negative effects of lengthy (much longer than normal) PPE use. Two nurses shared back to me that the inhalations of Boost, along with rehydration, helped ease their complaints. Boost Oxygen is not a medical grade product but I know that the contents of Boost, at 95% purity, are beneficial in giving the body a rapid ‘ boost’ of oxygen which has been proven to improve the effects of lowered blood oxygen levels when in high elevations, during periods of cardiovascular activities, allergy season, and with temperature changes.

I also implement Boost while I run, it helps support my distance and my muscle recovery. Last year, I entered and completed my first marathon! It was the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Savannah, Georgia…my Peppermint Boost was with me every step of the way, as were a few of my amazing friends!!!”

“I have been and will remain an advocate for Boost Oxygen. Thank you Brian for asking me to share my story!”

Erica S, BSN, South Carolina