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عَرَبَة نَقْل

مقدم من ف. جوردون 'جوردو' بولوك الابن ، عضو فخور في EPHMEN:

Lacrosse is a physical and strenuous activity that one would think might be just for “kids” .  Every year in the summer, this year being the 46th year,  in Vail, Colorado a bunch of “adults” get together to show that we too can still play at the Vail Lacrosse Shootout!   The Mighty EPHMEN are one such team organized by and populated with a bunch of Williams College graduates and others from other outstanding colleges and universities who have become EPHMEN in every way over the years.”

Lacrosse is a game of great tradition and history known as “The Creator’s Game” by the Native Americans who are the founders of the great sport.  During the summer in Vail, at 8,100 feet above sea level, men take over the fields to play with former teammates and other good friends to compete against some of the finest men’s teams in the country. Not surprising we also take over all the bars and restaurants and other activities that Vail in the summer offers.”

Williams College is our banner but our uniqueness and purpose has been tied to our former Coach, Renzie Lamb.   Renzie accompanied us out to Vail for many years and this year we missed him terribly as he passed away last November after 81 great years on this earth.  But, we felt him out there every minute and his wife Terry was with us and assumed his role with great aplomb and the spirit of her husband.  This is what our game is really about.   To give you perspective on the man we loved and honor it is helpful to know that Renzie is a member of several halls of fame, including the Intercollegiate Men’s Lacrosse Coaches Association Hall of Fame, where he was inducted in 2016. He coached lacrosse for 36 years (and Women’s squash for 10, and served as an assistant football coach for 30) He was far from conventional in coaching and in his approach to life.  His extraordinary impact extended well off the field as a mentor, father figure, friend and leader to the Williams and national lacrosse communities. He was a one-of-a-kind Legend.”

“We play 4 games in three days and this year with the help of the guys at Boost Oxygen we had some extra help in our performance regimen.  One of the founders of Boost, Rob Neuner, was a Williams classmate and friend of many of the EPHMEN squad and so we partnered this year to find a way to extract the most we could out of our old and tired (and probably not as physically prepared) bodies as we could.  It was awesome to be able to take a shot of Boost on the sidelines during games and even more important we found it particularly effective to couple our post-game re-hydration of malted adult beverages with Boost in between cans and bottles!”

"حدثنا يدور حول اللعب والمنافسة ولكنه يتعلق أيضا بالتواجد مع بعضنا البعض للاحتفال بالصداقات الدائمة ، واستعادة قصص الحرب القديمة ومشاركة حياة بعضنا البعض مع اللاعبين الذين لعبنا معهم منذ فترة طويلة والرجال الذين تعرفنا عليهم على مدار العقد الماضي وهم يلعبون في هذه البطولة الرائعة."

"لم نحقق البطولة هذا العام لكننا سنعود العام المقبل بنفس الحماس والحماس لرياضتنا ولبعضنا البعض ، وحتى لخصومنا.  إنه لأمر رائع أن يكون لديك أصدقاء مثل الأشخاص في Boost الذين يدركون ويدعمون ما نقوم به ويساعدوننا في الحفاظ على الحرائق التنافسية مشتعلة بينما نضعها على المحك من أجل EPHMEN!

"نحن فخورون وممتنون لأننا لا نزال قادرين عقليا وبدنيا بما يكفي للعب وتكريم اللعبة والذكريات ومدربنا رينزي كل صيف.  ، كولورادو في أواخر يونيو وأوائل يوليو هو المكان المناسب لمواصلة عيش الحلم!

شكرا لك على الوقت الذي قضيته في مشاركة قصتك Gordo!


IMG_5783_HEVC – check out this video from within the locker room, prior to the 2019 Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game, played at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland – home of the Navy Midshipmen.