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Challenge yourself on your next vacation, and get that heart racing. We love a great adventure, and we know you do, too.

So we’ve compiled a thrilling list of adventure vacations that will take your breath away. Buckle up and don’t forget your Boost Oxygen if you head out on one of these trips.

Check out some of the wildest adventure trips we could find…

1. Bungee jump on the Grand Canyon’s North Rim

A visit to the Grand Canyon is an iconic experience for families and people of all ages. And there’s no doubt, just seeing this natural wonder can take your breath away. But why not take things a step further, and see the Grand Canyon in a way you haven’t already seen on post cards and in the movies? Bungee jumping at the Grand Canyon’s North Rim takes this place to a whole new level of thrill.

Book your own jump with Bungee Expeditions.

2. BASE jump (legally) over the Snake River

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If you thought BASE jumping was reserved for professional thrill seekers, you’re wrong — although this activity is reserved for the very brave. Face your fears and conquer the mind-boggling sport of base jumping in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Book your lesson with Snake River Base Academy.

3. Horseback ride through the Garden of the Gods

Leave those hiking boots at the campground and get to know the Garden of the Gods from the comfort of a saddle. Real cowboys will guide your journey, sharing the stories behind unique rock formations you’ll find along the way. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time to discover the rocky expanse of Colorado Springs like a true explorer.

Reserve your horse through Academy Riding Stables.

4. Kayak with killer whales

Paddle alongside the famous San Juan Islands orcas with these guided day and multi-day kayak trips. Viewing these massive creatures in their natural habitat is an incredible experience that you’ll be telling your friends about for ages. 

To get one paddle closer to the whales, book your trip with San Juan Kayak.

5. Swim with great white sharks

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Looking for more teeth? Get up close and personal with great white sharks off of California’s Farallon Islands. The Farallon Islands are just 29 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge, so you’ll have easy access to this off-the-path thrill. These tours only run during peak hunting season, so you’re guaranteed to see some action.

Book your adrenaline spiking swim with Great White Adventures.

Whether you’re hooked on the idea of booking one of these thrilling adventures, or you’re dreaming up one of your own, bring the comfort of Boost Oxygen along with you.