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Misleading Search Results

In addition to our own website and retailers, is a primary source for our consumers to purchase Boost Oxygen products.


If you search for “Boost Oxygen” you will see our products, but also knockoffs that appear as “sponsored”.  We want to address these search results in order to avoid confusion.



It’s a sad fact that there are knockoff oxygen products that may appear as “sponsored” on our own Amazon search results for Boost Oxygen. Please don’t be confused by these imitators – they are not our product (even though some are designed to look similar to our canisters).


It’s well within a company’s right to sponsor search results. But if you’re trying to confuse people with the most trusted pioneer and industry leader in Boost Oxygen, it’s a strategy that speaks to their integrity and principles.


Also please beware that their fine print can state that it “Usually ships within 3 to 5 weeks”.


When most companies, including Boost Oxygen, run out of stock on an item it is ethical to temporarily remove the listing or label it as “Out Of Stock” – NOT to collect a customer’s payment for delivery so far in the future. This is especially important for a product like supplemental oxygen, which people expect immediate delivery.


Here at Boost Oxygen, we are getting restocked almost on a daily basis and are updating our listings daily as well. Our primary goal during this crisis has been to send our product to our online resellers and key regional retailers as soon as possible to be able to get our oxygen into our customers’ hands faster.