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A Respiratory Therapist Reviews Boost Oxygen

When people discover Boost Oxygen for the first time, they usually have several questions about using it and the benefits of pure supplemental oxygen. Although Boost Oxygen is not a medical product and not intended to treat or cure any illness, many people enjoy the respiratory benefits that Boost Oxygen provides. We also try to share as many informative videos as possible to help educate about the benefits of supplemental oxygen.

Jim McKanna is a Registered Respiratory Therapist from Terra Haute, Indiana, who recently shared his own independent review of Boost Oxygen. It’s especially informative because Jim reviews products from the perspective of how it can help Respiratory Therapists and their patients. He also operates his own YouTube channel called “RT CLINIC”: “I’ve been a Respiratory Therapist since 2007. I love the specialized and focused nature of an RT’s assessment skills. I hope these videos will benefit you and ultimately your patients.”

You can visit his channel at

According to his bio, Jim worked with Union Hospital in Terra Haute, Indiana, for over 20 years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

Note: During the video, Jim measured our Oxygen concentration at 85%. Rest assured, all Boost Oxygen canisters contains 95% Pure Supplemental Oxygen. Our canisters are tested and certified annually by AAL (Atlantic Analytical Laboratory) based in New Jersey, who specialize in gas analysis for pharmacies and hospitals. You can view our 2020 certification here: | The 85% reading registered in the video might be due to existing ambient air (normal room air) in the glove he used. But direct measurement placed into the nozzle will register 90-95%.