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Travel exposes us to all kinds of new things. We’re exploring new climates, trying new activities, and pushing our body to do more than we might at home. This summer, we know a lot of you are hitting the road with big plans to explore mountains, cities, and everything in between.

Road trips are a great way to experience new places, but they can also be exhausting. If you sometimes struggle to summon the energy you need to make the most of your road tripping activities, a lack of oxygen may be to blame. And no, you don’t have to be summiting mountains on your route for oxygen to become an issue. You’d be surprised by the common situations in which a little extra O can go a long way.

Here are three situations that make it a good idea to keep Boost Oxygen in your glove compartment, the next time you hit the road.

When the altitude is changing

If you are one of the 40-percent of people who feels light headed, nauseous, or fatigued above 5,000 feet, a boost of oxygen could be the perfect cure.

But you don’t have to be nearly that high for altitude to take its toll. Altitude sickness can be mild, and it can occur as low as 1,500 meters. When hangover-like symptoms sneak up on you while driving, they could simply be your body’s response to a change in altitude. And that’s no way to feel when you’re trying to enjoy the view.

Even if you’re not headed for a mountainous destination, you just never know when the route will change, or when a subtle change in altitude will affect you more than expect. Don’t wait for that surprise detour through a mountain pass. Carrying a can of oxygen could help your body adjust to your surroundings so that you can worry about taking great photos and finding the next road side diner!

When the crowds are too much

It’s only natural to feel claustrophobic in a crowded city, especially if you’re used to spending your time in quieter places. When we’re navigating unfamiliar places, the crowds can be even more challenging.

A burst of oxygen at the first sign of anxiety or nervousness will give you the confidence you need to face the most chaotic city streets. Pink Grapefruit Boost Oxygen has been proven to reduce stress, relax muscles, and enhance mental acuity. So relax, take a deep breath with Boost, and get back to those city adventures.

When your body is working hard

A challenging workout can leave even the most seasoned athletes feeling more winded than exhilarated. That’s why competitors from around the world are tuning into the idea that supplemental oxygen can support both energy and performance.

And you don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from a boost. If you’re hiking, biking, climbing, or simply walking all over a new destination, Boost Oxygen can give you the energy to keep going and recover faster, so you can get back on the road to your next destination.

Unexpected bumps and detours are some of the best parts of road tripping and travel. You can’t anticipate every type of situation, and why would you want to? You can, however, come prepared with Boost Oxygen by your side.

Find out more about the many ways that Boost Oxygen can help make every day a little better.